Disruptors: Entrepreneurs & The Escape from Corporate America 

by Kunel Mehta


Disruptors provides valuable insights into the minds and experiences of the entrepreneurs behind game-changing companies like Pinterest, Venture for America, charity: water, Foursquare and a host of others. The stories within these pages capture the motivation for breaking away from the comfort, security, glamour and status of corporate America in search of self-actualization. By revealing the journey of over a dozen entrepreneurs, Disruptors provides a glimpse into how a series of individuals chased their passions and ultimately reclaimed their lives from unfulfilling work. Contrary to typical success stories, the primary focus of this text is on the trials and tribulations, heartbreaks, and failures adventurous entrepreneurs face in their resilient journey to professionally satisfying careers. Written by a former Wall-streeter, Disruptors acts as the catalyst for those seeking inspiration and fulfillment from their work. The rich content and style stems from the integrity and simplicity of a young professional searching for answers himself which he honestly wishes to share.



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